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Inmemory of Dr. Lawrence Heiskell


Skedco is deeply saddened to hear of the loss of our friend and colleague Dr. Lawrence Heiskell.  We had the privilege to partner with him at the International School of Tactical Medicine and even more privilege to call him friend.  His... View Article

8/16/2019 Welcome to the Jungle Warfare Training Center at U... 8/1/2018 Daring rescues: Inside the elite team training at ... 7/12/2018 Sked stretcher in Thai cave 7/9/2018 Sked® deployed at Thai cave rescue

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Proper Use of the Skedco Oregon Spine Splint (OSS)

Proper Use of the Skedco Oregon Spine Splint (OSS)


I often get the question, "Can you use our Oregon Spine Splint (OSS) instead of a long board in combination with The Sked Stretcher?" The answer is Yes! The OSS is the only short vest-type immobilizer on the market that meets all the... View Article

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Sked Stretcher…Celebrating 40 Years and Still the Best! BY: ROCO RESCUE

Sked Stretcher…Celebrating 40 Years and Still the Best! BY: ROCO RESCUE


Sked Stretcher...Celebrating 40 Years and Still the Best! Few rescue devices have saved more lives than the Sked Stretcher – and it’s literally saved thousands of lives. And, after almost 40 years, it’s still the most compact,... View Article

9/16/2020 The NEW TerrAdaptor Space Station 7/20/2018 SKED Deployed in the Thai Cave Rescue 4/8/2015 SKED RAS (Rapid Access System) 3/12/2015 SKEDCO Mortuary Haz-Mort Sked

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Guardian Angels to the Rescue

Guardian Angels to the Rescue


If you were wondering just how extreme the conditions our rescue Skeds are used in, read this quick article about the “Guardian Angel” rescue squadron in Afghanistan. This elite, specially trained team rescues patients in “any... View Article

10/4/2012 Safety Inspection of the Sked Basic System 9/28/2012 New Skedco Videos 1/17/2012 Happy New Year

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Sked aided in rescue in Bend, Oregon

Sked aided in rescue in Bend, Oregon


Hello from Madras, We just had a rescue Sunday 9/17/23. We used the the SKED rescue system. As usual, the SKED worked well. I was asked to add the side release buckles to our SKED so I just ordered some buckles and soft goods online.... View Article

12/7/2017 Sked aided rescue on Mt. Everest 11/1/2016 Skedco at the EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS LEADERSHIP FO... 10/27/2016 Rescue 3 International Conference at Camp Kuratli 1/21/2016 New York City Conducts Terror Attack Drill

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