SKED RAS (Rapid Access System)

Skedco, Inc., has created a new kit designed for rapid emergency evacuation of hospitalized patients or victims in an active-shooter incident.  The Sked RAS (Rapid Access System) is designed to hang on a wall or behind a door and provides a quick way to safely package and remove someone from a dangerous environment.  The RAS contains a hanging bag with four HMH Skeds.  Just pull the looped cord attached to two large zippers and release the Velcro attachment at the top of the bag for access to the Skeds.  Perfect for Schools, Hospitals and Shopping Malls.  Custom configurations containing other Sked models and quantities are available by special order.


Model #: SK-2540    (wall hanging bag with 4 X HMH Sked)

Weight (including Skeds): 53lb.

Price: $1,600.00

RAS with skeds copyPatientLoading28

RoomExit03 StairDescent



Model #: SK-256    (wall hanging bag only)

Weight: 5lb.

Price: $329.49





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