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Skedco is led by Vice President and Founder Bud Calkin, who invented the original Sked in 1981 and has added numerous other innovations over the years.

Skedco is a family-owned and operated business. All the design, prototyping, manufacturing and marketing takes place at Skedco Headquarters in Tualatin, Oregon. Meet the Skedco Leadership Team!


Bud Calkin, Vice President and Founder

Portrait of Skedco founder and president Bud Calkin.

Bud Calkin, Vice President and Founder

Bud is a veteran of the U.S. National Guard and U.S. Army. He incorporated Skedco in 1981 after developing the first Sked rescue stretcher. Since then, Bud has designed numerous other products to make the Sked even more capable in the field. When not at Skedco inventing products, talking to customers, or planning for the future, Bud can be found on the road at conferences, trade shows, military installations, fire departments, industrial plant sites, or conducting training. When asked what keeps him working 7 days a week, Bud says he “thrives on a challenge” and that he has so much fun teaching rescue and emergency medical techniques that it doesn’t feel like work. In 30 years Bud “hasn’t met one G.I. who is unappreciative,” which motivates him to continue doing what he does at no charge to save more lives.

To communicate with Bud, please send an email to [email protected].




Catherine Calkin, President

Catherine Calkin came to the United States in 1979 and has been President of Skedco for 30 years. “This country has provided me and my extended family with great opportunities. I believe this is the greatest country on earth and I’m proud to be an American. The greatest joy has been serving our men and women in uniform and also providing jobs for our hard working staff,” according to Catherine. Calkin manages the day-to-day business affairs of Skedco and coordinates corporate travel and advertising. She and her husband (and founder) Bud Calkin have put their hearts, minds and souls into helping others and providing products that save lives. “She is the most active and hardest working person I have ever met”, according to close friend and adviser John Voinche’ formerly with Roco Rescue. “Catherine knows the market better than most people in the business but what makes her special is a never ending dedication to family and friends”, says Voinche’. When not at Skedco headquarters in Oregon, Catherine travels extensively, always promoting Skedco’s core values and mission.

To communicate with Catherine, please send an email to [email protected].


Andy Ma, Administrative Vice President 

Skedco Administrative Vice President Andy Ma

Andy Ma, Vice President of Operations

Andy Ma is currently Administrative Vice President of Skedco. He’s been with the company since 1993 and has worked in all areas of Skedco in his 21 years with the company. His responsibilities include purchasing, customer and vendor relations, trade show coordination and other day-to-day sales and management activities. “It has been a blessing to work with Bud and Catherine over the years and I share their passion for saving the lives and supporting our men and women in uniform and emergency responders all over the world,” according to Andy. Andy is a graduate of Portland State University with a degree in Finance and Information Systems. He enjoys spending time with his wife and son and loves tennis, basketball, bowling and camping.

To communicate with Andy, please send an email to [email protected]


Helen Ma

Helen Ma

Helen Ma

In thinking about our team we just couldn’t fail to mention our beloved associate and family member Helen Ma. Taken from us way too soon, we still feel a great void with her passing in 2012. Helen came to the US at a very young age with her brother Andy. Like Andy, she worked in many areas of Skedco and was key to Skedco’s success. She was also Bud and Catherine’s niece and like many others, were instrumental in shaping her professional career. She earned a business degree at Portland State University and was poised, along with her brother, to help lead Skedco’s future. Her sweet spirit is still felt at Skedco and she is sorely missed everyday.


John Ngai, Senior administrative Coordinator

John Ngai, Senior Administrative Assistant

John Ngai, Senior Administrative Coordinator

John Ngai has been with Skedco since 2003. He first worked on the production line and eventually was promoted to Senior Administrative Assistant. His duties, among other things, include handling all inquiries, coordination of work flow, keeping the many Skedco projects on schedule, order processing and accounts receivable. “When I joined Skedco, it was a life changing experience. I co-owned a local computer store in Portland and Skedco was one of my clients. I quickly became aware that Skedco was a great place to work,” says Ngai. When not at Skedco, John is a die-hard Portland Trailblazer fan and enjoys exploring the Oregon outdoors with his family.

To communicate with John, please send an email to [email protected]


Simon Wan, Operations Coordinator 

Simon Wan, Operations Assistant

Simon Wan, Operations Coordinator

With a degree in Supply and Logistics and Human Resource Management, Simon Wan definitely has put his degree to work at Skedco. Inventory control, R&D coordination and graphic design are his areas of specialty. He also helps with Skedco’s marketing efforts. Simon has been with Skedco since 2004 and like many other Skedco associates began his career on the production line. “I want to learn as much as I can about the rescue industry and Skedco has provided me with that challenging opportunity.” Simon is an accomplished photographer and he and his wife enjoy hiking and exploring The Great Northwest!

To communicate with Simon, please send an email to [email protected]


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