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Product Description

The HydraSim® provides the illusion of external hemorrhage at the point of injury. Those that are trained have the opportunity to see and treat bleeding wounds with hemostatic dressings, pressure dressings, and tourniquets just like they would in a real situation. When coupled with the FEBSS Impact Simulation Trainer® (FIST®) the HydraSim® provides visual bleeding simulation AND the auditory impact simulation associated with the point of wounding during a traumatic event. These simple yet powerful additions increase the realism to any medical training event.

HydraSim® Basic Kit (FS-2000B) Packing List

  • FS-2001 – HydraSim with (1) Remote Control Transmitters
  • FS-1002 – HydraSim Re-chargeable Battery Pack and Battery Charger
  • FS-1005 – MultiSim Injury Fabrication Kit
  • No. 225 – (2) Simulaid Simulation Blood Packets
  • FS-1004 – 3 Gallon Refill Tank
  • FS-2003-BL – Hydrasim Field Pack


HydraSim® Deluxe Kit (FS-2000D) Packing List

The HydraSim® Deluxe Kit includes all items in the HydraSim® Basic Kit plus these additional items.

  • OP-SOF-T – (2) SOF-T Tourniquets
  • OP-FCP-T3 – (2) Emergency Trauma Dressings
  • OP-170 – (2) QuickClot Combat Gauze Moulage Trainer
  • FS-1006 – Simulation Blouse (Coyote Brown)
  • FS-1007 – Simulation Trouser (Coyote Brown)
  • IM23750-00000 – Storm Case



HydraSim Basic Kit – Coyote Brown

HydraSim Deluxe Kit – Coyote Brown

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The Skedco Bleeding Simulator…Lifelike Training.

Designer Lynn King goes in-depth on this innovative approach to hemorrhage control training.

Salem OR SWAT Medical Evaluation

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3 reviews for FEBSS HydraSim® Basic System

  1. Ellen Maningas

    We completed our Basic Officer Survival Training today. 28 regional law enforcement officers from 6 different agencies were trained in hemorrhage control utilizing the FEBSS HydraSim in tactical scenarios. The training was the best we have conducted to date and it could not have happened without your continued support. Our credo has been that through this training, the life you save may be your own, your fellow officer or the life of an innocent victim. Skedco should take considerable pride in being a vital part of saving that life.

    Thanks again,
    Pete Maningas, M.D.
    Team Physician
    Central South Dakota SWAT

  2. Tony Abdalla

    I’ve had the opportunity to use the FEBBS HydraSim during practical training exercises for both patrol officers and SWAT operators. The reaction and feedback from both groups has been the same…an unparalleled sense of purpose and urgency to someone (not a mannequin) who is actively bleeding in front of them never before experienced with other training aids. The HydraSim, paired with the right role player, can create the most realistic training experiences restricted only by your imagination.
    The HydraSim performs exactly as described. Plenty of battery life with a fully charged battery for multiple runs. A full refill tank provides enough volume to easily do 4-5 runs or more depending on how much the role player bleeds. Each remotely controlled arterial and venous line has individually adjustable flow and can be easily routed to a desired location with flexible vinyl tubing. The HydraSim starts leaking simulated blood at about 60bpm then increases over a short period of time to a max bpm of about 200 which simulates the body compensating for the blood loss. It becomes clear very quickly upon use how much thought went into this system and how realistically and reliably it performs.
    The only drawback I’ve come across is just related to some preventative maintenance. Not difficult, but just not what you feel like doing at the end of a long training day. Kinda like wiping down the ski boat and pulling the drain plug on the ramp after a day of skiing on the lake…A necessary evil to keep it running properly and looking nice. I bleed all lines of the HydraSim with water at the end of a training day until they run clear. Adds maybe another 15-20 minutes to a training day, but ensures the HydraSim continues to run reliably.
    Lynn King at Skedco is fantastic to work with and always available to help answer questions. All in all, the HydraSim is a stellar product with amazing product support all geared towards saving lives.

  3. Jesse Jerome

    The Skedco FEBSS HydraSim Trauma Bleeding Simulation System has played an integral role in our live action active shooter and Tactical Casualty Care classes. The FEBSS has allowed our students, both medically and non-medically trained, to experience and manage active arterial and venous bleeding wounds on live “victims”. The portability of the simulator has provided the “victims” mobility and increased the realistic feel of moving wounded patients.
    Our agency has been using the HydraSim system for 2 years and have to date had 1,800 students go through the classes. The simulators have withstood the abuse of being on backs of “victims” who have been drug, thrown to the ground at least twice a week for the 2 years we have used them. The ease of use of the HydraSim is important to our agency as we have numerous untrained “victims” wearing the simulators.
    For the amount of use our simulators have had, we have had few complications. The most problematic has been the tubing clogging if the simulated blood is too thick and heavy with particulates; this was solved with a new ratio of simulated blood to water. Luckily the tubing is easily cleaned, thus making the removal of clogs easy.
    All in all the Skedco HydraSim system has played a vital role in providing live action active shooter scenarios to first responders. We, as an agency and training center, believe that the use of the HydraSim has facilitated us being able to provide the best tactical learning experience for our students. The use of training in conjunction with the Skedco HydraSim enables our first responders to get the most accurate simulation of bleeding and this knowledge can and will save lives.

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