MOUT LIFELINE with Molle Attachment


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The MOUT Lifeline™ is designed to drag a wounded soldier from the line of fire without exposing another soldier to danger.

It features a 30 ft. cord with a screw link on one end which is attached to a loop on the soldier’s vest behind the neck. There is a carabiner on the other end that is clipped to a loop inside the pouch. The pouch has a belt loop that is sewn to the pouch at the top and attached with velcro at the bottom. The outside of the belt loop is covered with “loop” velcro for attachment to “hook” velcro on a vest. There is “hook” velcro on the front of the pouch in case the vest is equipped with “loop” velcro. The flap at the top uses velcro to secure the closure. The carabiner with the cord attached is clipped into the loop inside the pouch. The cord is stuffed (not coiled) into the pouch. A ball lock is attached to the cord about 16 to 18 inches from the end. It keeps the cord in the bag when the screw link is attached to the vest and the flap is closed. You can adjust the position of the ball to fit your particular vest.

Available in Coyote Brown, OD Green, Desert Camo and Black. Made in USA.

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