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    Reply to this topic with questions for the administrators of the Skedco Forums.

    Jesse Jerome

    The Skedco FEBSS HydraSim Trauma Bleeding Simulation System has played an integral role in our live action active shooter and Tactical Casualty Care classes. The FEBSS has allowed our students, both medically and non-medically trained, to experience and manage active arterial and venous bleeding wounds on live “victims”. The portability of the simulator has provided the “victims” mobility and increased the realistic feel of moving wounded patients.
    Our agency has been using the HydraSim system for 2 years and have to date had 1,800 students go through the classes. The simulators have withstood the abuse of being on backs of “victims” who have been drug, thrown to the ground and treated at least twice a week for the 2 years we have used them. The ease of use of the HydraSim is important to our agency as we have numerous untrained “victims” wearing the simulators.
    For the amount of use our simulators have had, we have had few complications. The most problematic has been the tubing clogging if the simulated blood is too thick and heavy with particulates; this was solved with a new ratio of simulated blood to water. Luckily the tubing is easily cleaned, thus making the removal of clogs easy.
    All in all the Skedco HydraSim system has played a vital role in providing live action active shooter scenarios to first responders. We, as an agency and training center, believe that the use of the HydraSim has facilitated us being able to provide the best tactical learning experience for our students. The use of training in conjunction with the Skedco HydraSim enables our first responders to get the most accurate simulation of bleeding and this knowledge can and will save lives.

    Simon Wan

    Hi Jesse, thank you for your input and review of the HydraSim! We would love for you to repost this or start a new thread in the “Skedco Product Discussion” forum under “General Discussion”. That way we can reply to the topic and share the information with all other users! Thank you again!

    Lynn King

    Wow – thank you Jesse for your feedback!

    1800 students – that’s a big number! We’re honored to support your training and I’m always available to provide assistance. Your team sets the standard and I look forward to more creative ideas in building skill and muscle memory in the highly valued first responder and law enforcement community. Tunnel vision is the enemy.

    Well done Sir.


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