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  On July 28th our blessed friend, Dr. Norman McSwain passed away. I am extremely saddened with the loss of such a wonderful friend. Norman and I go back nearly 25 years and the close contact with him has taught me so very... View Article

6/1/2015 Skedco Learning Center Course Schedule 4/30/2015 Nepal Earthquake 3/23/2015 Tahoe Backcountry Ski Patrol training session... 2/21/2015 Skedco Holds 1st Learning Center Class

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SKED RAS (Rapid Access System)

SKED RAS (Rapid Access System)


Skedco, Inc., has created a new kit designed for rapid emergency evacuation of hospitalized patients or victims in an active-shooter incident.  The Sked RAS (Rapid Access System) is designed to hang on a wall or behind a door and... View Article

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Proper Use of the Skedco Oregon Spine Splint (OSS)

Proper Use of the Skedco Oregon Spine Splint (OSS)


I often get the question, "Can you use our Oregon Spine Splint (OSS) instead of a long board in combination with The Sked Stretcher?" The answer is Yes! The OSS is the only short vest-type immobilizer on the market that meets all the... View Article

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