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In 2015 Skedco will launch The Skedco Learning Center (SLC) where you can acquire comprehensive training on many of our products. Skedco has been providing product training for as long as we have been in business. With the formation of SLC you will be able to register for open enrollment courses here at our headquarters in Tualatin Oregon Our first three courses (tentativly scheduled for the spring of 2015) will focus on intensive hands-on Sked Stretcher instruction, a Skedco Bleeding Simulation System program called the HydraSim and The TerrAdaptor. “Were’re very excited about this teaching iniciative,” according to Skedco Founder Bud Calkin. “Now end users and dealers will have a place to go for the most intensive Skedco products training available,” according to Calkin. Here are a few details about the upcoming classes;

The Sked Stretcher

The original and still the best solution for confined space, high angle or technical rescue, and traditional land based applications, the Sked stretcher is a revolutionary design which provides outstanding patient protection and security. In this two-day session you will learn;

How to Proper Deploy the Sked
Alternate Rigging and Lashing Techniques
Participate in Timed Drills

Instructor/ Bud Calkin

Learn from the man himself! Bud Calkin, founder of Skedco and inventor of the Sked, will share his many years of experience with students Bud is a veteran of the U.S. National Guard and U.S. Army. He incorporated Skedco in 1981 after developing the first Sked rescue stretcher. Since then, Bud has designed numerous other products to make the Sked even more capable in the field. When not at Skedco inventing products, talking to customers, or planning for the future, Bud can be found on the road at conferences, trade shows, military installations, fire departments, industrial plant sites, or conducting training. When asked what keeps him working 7 days a week, Bud says he “thrives on a challenge” and that he has so much fun teaching rescue and emergency medical techniques that it doesn’t feel like work. In 30 years Bud “hasn’t met one G.I. who is unappreciative,” which motivates him to continue doing what he does at no charge to save more lives..

HydraSim Bleeding Simulation System

This workshop focuses on the simulation expertise needed to successfully prepare, operate, train with, and maintain Skedco’s HydraSim Trauma Simulation System. Attendees will learn how create their own bleeding injuries using Skedco’s MultiSim Injury Fabrication Kit and then successfully prepare and setup hemorrhage control stations. Attendees will gain the experience needed to train personnel from their department, unit, or corporation in the lifesaving skill of hemorrhage control.

Instructor/Lynn King

Mr. Lynn King is the inventor of Skedco’s Field Expedient Bleeding Simulation System and has supported hundreds of medical courses with bleeding simulation expertise both nationally and internationally. Some of these locations include the:

Defense Intelligence Agency’s Deployment Qualification Course
International School of Tactical Medicine
Rocky Mountain Institute for EMS and All Hazards Preparedness – Paramedic Division
NATO SOF – Allied Center for Medical Education, SHAPE-Chieveres, Belgium

The TerrAdaptor Portable Anchor System

The Terradaptor is one of the most versitile peices of equipment for rescuers ever invented. The configurations are only limited by one’s imagination. Its a tri-pod, mono-pod, bi-pod, gin pole and quad pod all wrapped up into one device.

Instructor/Marcel Rodriguez

Marcel Rodriguez is a volunteer Search & Rescue Team Member with Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue in Portland, Oregon. A former Army Combat Medical Specialist,Marcel currently holds qualifications as an EMT/WEMT, Rope Rescue Technician, and Advanced Swiftwater Rescue Technician. When not engaged in teaching and SAR activities, Marcel works in Mergers & Acquisitions for an international software company.

All Courses:
Course Length: 8 hours
Class Times: 8am to 4pm Pacific
Location: Skedco
Lunch: Included
Course Fees and Dates:

SKED Course: January 7th, 2015, February 4th, 2015

FEBSS Course: January 8th, 2015, February 5th, 2015

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