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    Hi! Welcome to the Skedco Rescue Forums – we’re glad you stopped by.

    Before you comment or start your first post, there are some common rules that all users of the Skedco Forums must follow to ensure this is an organized and productive space. Please come back to review updates to this post; the list of rules is subject to revision as the community grows and faces new issues in its growth.
    All comments and posts will be moderated and approved by Skedco before appearing online. The opinions expressed in comments and posts are those of the user, not of Skedco. We reserve the right to lock or delete posts and users for not following these rules, or for any other reason at our discretion.

    Please Do:

    • Be courteous to others. Constructive criticism is fine, but there is no use for rudeness here.
    • Read over your submission for mistakes before submitting. The use of proper grammar and spelling promotes intelligent discourse.
    • Search other posts to prevent submitting duplicate content.
    • Tell us about your charitable activities. We have a specific forum set up for just that purpose. Once it’s been approved, you can link to this content in another forum if it’s applicable.
    • Report content that you believe violates the rules to a Forum moderator.
    • Discuss a moderator’s actions — by personal message only, unless the moderator has invited feedback in a particular thread.
    • Contact Skedco ([email protected]) with any questions or concerns.
    • Come back periodically to review updates to these rules. Skedco reserves the right to make changes to the rules at any time.

    Please Don’t:

    • SHOUT. We can hear you just fine, without all caps.
    • Post disruptive, repetitive, or non-contributive content. Posts that are inflammatory, repetitive, or not contributive to the thread or topic are not permitted. Repeated posting and other methods of post-padding to enhance visibility on the board are not allowed.
    • Re-post deleted or removed information. If it was deleted or removed, it should stay deleted/removed.
    • Post links to external content without enough additional information to be distinguishable from spam.
    • Engage in deceptive, dishonest, illegal or fraudulent posting.
    • Post duplicate content in multiple forum threads. If your content is applicable to multiple threads, choose a primary thread to post to and link to your content in the secondary thread if necessary.
    • Swear or use offensive language. This includes “ASCII Swearing” which uses symbols and numbers to bypass the auto censor.
    • Cyber-bully. Any stalking or harassment of others users is strictly prohibited.
    • Post information protected by copyright without the owner’s consent. You will be held solely responsible for infringement on someone else’s rights.
    • Bite the newcomers. Potentially valuable contributors are easily scared away by hostility.
    • Use the Skedco Forums for anything commercial in nature. Nothing may be offered for sale or barter, including promotional messages for internet sites or business advertisements.

    Thank you for helping ensure the Skedco Rescue Forums are a useful and informative space for everyone.

    -The Skedco Team

    last updated: 6/18/2014

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