Norman McSwain


On July 28th our blessed friend, Dr. Norman McSwain passed away. I am extremely saddened with the loss of such a wonderful friend.

Norman and I go back nearly 25 years and the close contact with him has taught me so very much. He was very dedicated to medicine and training. His latest efforts were to make it possible for EMT’s and paramedics to obtain affordable continuing education and enable them to continue their lifesaving profession. Norman has provided help to so many others that it is impossible to keep count. Whether civilian or Military, he was there for them. I cannot say enough for my friend and brother. He was a real giant among men.

Farewell my friend. May God bless you and keep you. I am positive he will as God loved those who give of themselves as he did. I know he will be missed by thousands the same as he will be missed by me.

Once again, God Bless you Norman. I pray that ill be good enough to see you in Heaven.


Your friend,

Bud Calkin

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