I’ve used the Sked for confined spaces; is it also suited for high angle rescue?

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    Hi Bud,

    I’ve used the Sked for confined spaces in the past, and am wondering if it is also suited for high angle rescue.

    Thank you for your help!


    Bud Calkin

    If you have used the Sked in confined spaces you have probably already used it in High angle rescue. The only difference is that in confined spaces you are in an enclosure but you still have to move the victim vertically in most cases. Most people assume that high angle rescue is from a building, cliff or tower. Any time you move a patient in a stretcher in a vertical evacuation you are doing high angle rescue. On a cliff or building you just don’t have so many obstacles to negotiate the Sked around. That means the Sked will perform high angle rescue much easier in most cases. I also package patients by myself while on rope just as many others I have observed. In a nut shell, Yes you can use the Sked very effectively in high angle rescues. Thank you for your question and for saving lives.


    Ethan Brown

    Great answer, Bud!

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